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Applications to work with Rowley & Associates are limited and going fast - only 14 spots left. Apply NOW to reserve your spot.
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Our Story
Customer Satisfaction & Sentiment Is Our Passion and We Utilize The Power Of Net Promoter Score (NPS) To Deliver World-Class Results
First off, I love small companies, they have been, and will always be my favorite to work with. 
But I haven’t always been here. I ran the rat race, and had the normal opportunities most of us get that don’t really lead anywhere.
Then something changed when I started working for a company that was doing about 20M in annual sales. While still running the same rat race, I noticed that our customer reviews were horrible. We had a score of -13 which means that our customers had a negative opinion of us. I began wondering what would happen to our revenue if we could simply address the problems our customers are facing? I approached the leadership of the company and asked if I could lead a customer survey on their experience with us. I got the green light. 
I was so excited and got to work immediately, I developed the survey, sent it out, aggregated the data, created plans of actions based on the data, and then presented all of my findings along with suggested actionable items to improve our customers' experience. The heads of the company took a risk on me, believing that these changes would increase our retention and revenue, and we started making changes. 
Long story short, within 2 years of implementing the suggested changes, we went from having a -13 score to a +68, we also went from doing 20M in sales to 130M.
While the story I told was an amazing success, it wasn’t until after I left the company that it hit me: this change was only possible because the company could afford the high price-tag. And if this is the case, how could the smaller companies that I want to help, ever dream of knowing the changes they need to make in order to best serve their customers? 
I needed to figure out how to provide the same, amazing service at a fraction of the cost. And you know what, that’s what I did.

I began working with multiple companies that varied in size, from 5-75 employees. And with heads down, they all began to grow without breaking the bank.
With all the experience of building these big-box surveys while also helping growing companies, I discovered how to replicate the process, tasks, and success that Big-Box companies enjoy for only a fraction of the cost! Instead of spending $100,000-$300,000 you could instead experience the same benefits for only $1,000-$3,000.   
And that’s what has led me here. I’ve been able to help many companies grow through customer retention and I know that I can help you.
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
Net Promoter Score Package
Customers who effectively use Net promoter score see a dramatic increase in sales and customer loyalty

Proven Techniques

Rowley & Associates uses proven reports, analysis and NPS techniques to transform your company into a customer-driven organization.


Gain a deep understanding of your customers' needs by taking the mystery out of how your customers view your brand, company, product, and service. 

Discover Opportunities

Use insights from the collected data to identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths while retaining happy customers who promote your brand to others.


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Applications to work with Rowley & Associates are limited and going fast - only 14 spots left. Apply NOW to reserve your spot.
“We provide world-class experiences to everyone. Nothing less. Ever.”

– David Rowley

President, Rowley & Associates
Net Promoter Score Package
services include
Everything your company needs to make the most of the proven benefits of using Net Promoter Score to guide your business
  • Customer NPS Survey - We craft the survey, choose the customers, and implement the survey. No survey fatigue!! We do all the customer survey work, you see the benefit.
  • Hard-Copy Report Bundle - Analyze the gathered information at a glance and use the suggested tasks to solve the uncovered issues allowing you to identify and solve the problems that cost you customers and revenue.
  • Digital Task Guide - This is the checklist of issues we have identified. This becomes the roadmap for success in your organization.
  • Live, 1-hour Presentation - We clearly break down the Digital Task Guide and resolve your questions and help you develop actionable items to begin solving problems so you can immediately start retaining more customers.
Net Promoter Score Package
how it works
Here's what you can expect when you apply to work with rowley & associates.


Rowley & Associates will review your application and schedule an information-gathering meeting. This is where we determine if we're a good fit for each other.


We'll collaborate on and create a customized plan for your business.


We begin executing against the plan. This can take from 1-3 months depending on how many customer responses you need.
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